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Wild Wick's Farm is committed to following organic practices,  but we are not certified organic.

NO synthetic fertilizers and NO pesticides.

Our small size, but large biodiversity (over 70 crops on 1/2 acre) is possible by integrating both vegetables and cut-flowers. We believe in caring for the soil by balancing the soil, promoting a healthy soil biology, and minimize our soil tillage.

All products are grown on four backyard residential plots, 1/8 acre each, which makes for a total operation of 1/2 acre. Wild Wick's Farm is starting its seventh season with the owners/operators, Doug and Jamie Wickler.

Jamie has been farming for 13 years at her farmstead in Lakewood. She spent 6 years at Denver Botanic Gardens - Chatfield Farm where she farmed for their 250-member CSA and created a program for training military veterans to farm,  Veterans-to-Farmers. She continues to mentor beginning farmers and is grateful to have her family involved with farming as well. 

Doug, the other founding Wild Wick, has been farming for the past 12 seasons. He is an irrigation specialist, greenhouse builder, general contractor, and problem solver extraordinaire. His mechanical engineering degree brings Wild Wick's to another level of efficiency and adaptability. 

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